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Sins Of The Fathers
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Lobeck, echoing earlier Protestant scholarship on Greek religion such as the De Lustrationibus of Jan Lomeier , gives many examples of the types of stain and pollution with which the superstitious thought they were soiled, and of the Catholic-like lustrationes which the charlatans offered them in exchange. This is the context of the passage where he discusses ancestral fault. Crimes within the family were punished by the ancestors of the group on their descent. This wrath from the family gods held the group together in common sanction. Ancestors functioned as the guardians of morality.

Lobeck finds traces of this primitive conception of the familiarum iura in Homer, and even has a positive word for it as the expression of a magnifica professio. Moreover, when diseases and the great troubles have been visited upon certain families through some ancient guilt, madness has entered in and by oracular power has found a way of release for those in need, taking refuge in prayers and the service of the gods, and so, by purifications and sacred rites, he who has this madness is made safe for the present and the after time, and for him who is rightly possessed of madness a release from present ills is found.

They were seen as the expression of the offended power of the family gods for crimes committed against them.

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The power of the hereditary evil vis haereditari mali could hide in a family for generations and resurface at any time, and the belief in its prevalence was so strong that any affection of the soul or the body was thought to have its origin in this wrath of the dead. The devotiones of the mages, which people feared could curse them with the wrath of the restless dead, proceeded from the same superstitious logic. These are the types of superstitions which provided the material for the lustrationes of the religious charlatans which he describes in chapter 8 of the Orphica.

For Lobeck, belief in pollution and purification is a late, post-Homeric development: a foreign contamination from the east superimposed on the simple and noble religion of the Olympians.

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Such irrational ideas show ingenia inculta et indomita naturaliter ferocire rituque puerorum exsultando et vociferando sese explere. Ancestral fault is understood by Lobeck as a mistaken belief opinio in the transmission of guilt culpa through generations, and a corresponding practice of ritual funerary purifications lustrationes.

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The Sins of the Father is the second of the anticipated seven parts of the Clifton Chronicles by British author Jeffrey Archer. The book was published worldwide. The Sins of the Father (Clifton Chronicles Book 2) and over 2 million other books are available for Amazon Kindle. The Sins of the Father (The Clifton Chronicles) Paperback – 13 Sep Jeffrey Archer continues the saga of The Clifton Chronicles with this epic second novel in.

It is for him an immature error of popular superstitio. It is cast as the exotic object of a terrible and noble ancient spirituality. His Romantic valuation of antiquity as an aesthetic and moral source of inspiration is a characteristic which permeates his entire scholarly production.

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The Romantic aesthetic of this work is particularly evident in its valuation of absolute religious difference. Authentic Greek religion is a product of popular belief, it is close to the earth, and its simplicity is an expression of the unity of nature. It still sees correspondences where we make only divisions.

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Ancient faith becomes an essence of difference, a product of exotic fascination. It is a witness both to the original, authentic feeling of man before nature, and to the progressive constitution of distinctive national character. This religious national character is embodied in the different forms of cultus and cycles of myths carried by the different Greek tribes in their wanderings, and expressed by the differences of their poetry.

He also looked for the more ancient strata of original, primordial religion.

He attempted to identify the more authentic, ancient reactions to the power of nature, the early expressions of the noble and simple echoes of the world. In his work, the most ancient forms of Greek religion are presented as witnesses to a time when faith was a direct expression of awe before the universe. Poetry flows directly out of this religious feeling. To understand it, the modern interpreter needs to attune himself with the foreign logic of a different aesthetic and moral world. The story which we find in Aeschylus contains the traces of the earliest strata of the belief in ancestral fault.

It is an expression of the ancient religion of the Erinyes. The differences which we posit between them are not functions of the material itself, but the misunderstandings of the great distances which exist between our modes of thinking and the wholly different ancient mind. The unity of their nature in later poetry, such as the Eumenides , can only be understood in relation to their primeval role.

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Sins of the Father

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