Advanced Mechanics and General Relativity

Advanced Mechanics and General Relativity
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An introduction to coordinate basis tensor computations, including the metric tensor, geodesics, the Riemann tensor, with applications to classical mechanics and SR but not GR. This won't entirely get you up to speed for GR, but like the previous book it may be useful as a supplementary text.

This book can probably serve as a substitute for all of the Schaum's books mentioned above save the last two , with the additional bonus of introducing exterior forms early on and properly emphasizing the fact that these objects are natural, easy to understand, and easy to compute with. This book is simply gorgeous. It offers a thorough and beautifully illustrated introduction to everything from riemannian geometry, Cartan geometry, symplectic geometry, differential topology and Morse Theory to vector bundles and Pontryagin and Chern classes.

Speaking of manifolds and differential geometry, I think that one of the best all around introductions is:. One book which is particularly well suited for background reading in GR is the outrageously expensive.

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Speed measurement -- Limitations to "instantaneous" measurements? Shohei Saga. Supersymmetry and String Theory. This new edition of Classical Mechanics, aimed at undergraduate physics and have been highlighted through an exposition of Einsteins Special Relativity. Full of enthusiasm and overflowing with fabulous ideas. Sorry, but we can't respond to individual comments. Cambridge University Press has no responsibility for the persistence or accuracy of urls for external or third-party internet websites referred to in this publication, and does not guarantee that any content on such websites is, or will remain, accurate or appropriate.

This book covers not only manifolds, tensors, metrics, connections, curvature, calculus of variations, homogeneous spaces, and covering spaces, but also Minkowski spacetime, the Friedmann and Schwarzschild solutions, and the singularity theorems. This book has a somewhat fussy notation, and tends toward the verbose, but it is engaging and full of insight.

Boothby is shorter but covers more, although the last volume of Spivak is a gentle introduction to Chern classes. I am not familiar with the following book, but I like an elementary GR text by the second author :. Here are two pricey and extremely concise outlines of the basics of differential geometry and topology as they are used in modern physics:. These are so dense I wouldn't recommend them for anyone without a strong background in modern physics. Dover has reprinted books by Levi-Civita, Schouten, and Synge on tensor calculus. These were all essential references in their day but they are now hopelessly out of date and I recommend that students spend their money on more expensive but more modern texts.

Here are some books that may help the student place relativity theory into the grand scheme of things, physically speaking:. I like this book very much. Lawrie quite properly emphasizes the formal analogies between hamiltonian mechanics and quantum theory; the variational principle formulations of GR ties this relativity theory to both these subjects.

Lawrie also emphasizes the fact that newtonian theory is not simply "wrong"; by a mere change of interpretation and a factor of i here and a factor of h bar there the equations of newtonian theory as rewritten by Hamilton go over to their quantum analogs. Needless to say these formal analogies are a great help to the working physicist.

One of the great scientific expositions of all time. Full of enthusiasm and overflowing with fabulous ideas.

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Feynman's geometric explanation of the physical meaning of Maxwell's equation is a joy; so is his discussion of action at a distance his revolutionary work with Wheeler. The first two volumes are particularly recommended. Note well: in volume 2, the section on SR is one of the few weak points in the book; I advise that you skip it altogether. If you must read it, not, RPF is not saying that spacetime has a Euclidean metric! Well translated and quite readable for the most part. Initiated by the great Russian physicist Lev Landau and continued after his untimely death by his disciple Lifshitz.

The Russian approach to physics and math is significantly different from American ideas in many respects and it is worthwhile gaining some familiarity with Landau's vision. Unlike say Feynman's great books , this series offers many excellent exercises. Another heroic attempt to survey all of modern theoretical physics at the advanced undergraduate to second year graduate level, this time with a European perspective.

General relativity

Well translated from the German, very readable, with an excellent balance of theory, descriptions of "great experiments", and practical experience in computing things using the theory. Many exercises are solved in full. In Kahler geometry, instead of bundling tangent planes with a euclidean inner product, we bundle tangent planes with a hermitian inner product, which gives a much more "rigid" structure. But symplectic geometry may be even more important in the future; see. This book also features an excellent and concise introduction to exterior forms and a good discussion of the rather vexed terms "contravariant" and "covariant" they way they are used in older GR books is exactly opposite to their modern meaning in mathematics!

A collection of historic papers by Lorentz, Einstein, and others, including Einstein's paper on STR, his paper on the equivalence of mass and energy, Minkowski's paper introducing the physical interpretation of his geometry, Einstein's paper on the foundations of GTR, and early attempts to unify EM and gravitation. In particular, the paper by Weyl laid the foundation for Yang-Mills theories, and the paper by Kaluza and Klein contains the idea of "compactified dimensions" which is a key element of modern string theories. Weyl was one of the great mathematicians of the early twentieth century, and one of the first to appreciate the importance of Einstein's ideas about gravitation and unified field theories.

In this quirky but clearly written book, he describes the five year old theory of GR, assuming virtually no mathematical prerequisites, and attempts to go beyond it with ideas on non-riemannian connections which were several generations ahead of their time in terms of physical application.

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Buy Advanced Mechanics and General Relativity on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. Cambridge Core - Cosmology, Relativity and Gravitation - Advanced Mechanics and General Relativity - by Joel Franklin.

A classic semipopular book, by now hopelessly outdated, but written with the engaging, stylish verve that made Eddington one of the most popular science writers of his day. This was the first book on relativity theory, written in a burst of youthful enthusiasm by the twenty year old Pauli. Needless to say, it is of purely historical interest today. Feynman's attempt to motivate the field equation "in the spirit of QFT"; this approach is somewhat similar to that adopted in Ohanian et al , but this book is of interest mainly for watching Feynman at play.

This is the definitive scientific biography, written a noted physicist who personally knew Einstein, Bohr, and other key people in AE's career, and who has read every paper AE ever wrote. Features a fascinating, detailed—and fully technical—account of Einstein's heroic struggle toward his field equations. This is another scientific biography focusing on the work rather than the man, offering some mathematical commentary on Einstein's struggle toward the field equation, and also discussing Einstein's "philosophy".

The autobiography of the physicist widely credited along with Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar with transforming the notion of a black hole from dubious speculation into a common, and in some ways, quite well understood natural object. The book by Kip Thorne a former PhD student of Wheeler, who has had a distinguished career in his own right cited above contains more information on the modern history of relativity.

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Engaging and delightful. This book won a prize for the exceptionally clear quality of its exposition. Best Answer: Classical relativity is pre-Einstein. The full set of lecture notes, weighing in at around pages, can be downloaded here: PostScript PDF This time, they introduce readers to Einstein's special relativity and Maxwell's classical field theory. Special relativity, as originally conceived, and as taught as a typical second-year university physics module today, contains a theory of mechanics plus a theory of electromagnetism.

This course provides an intermediate treatment of kine 1 Mar Let the battle begin, Newton Vs Einstein. Now, it's an absolute After a brief historical introduction, emphasis is put on the physical foundations of Relativity Theory and its essential role in the clarification of many issues related to fundamental symmetries. This course will continue from Pha, and cover special relativity, continuum mechanics, perturbation theory, and a very brief introduction to chaos. I was wondering if there's lectures or part of a course on YouTube I can watch in Hamiltonian Mechanics and Special Relativity and then give the textbook excercises another shot.

Special relativity deals with observers who are moving at constant velocity.

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Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. The theory of relativity provides a way for observers to agree on what they see from different perspectives. Virial theorem. These topics are combined in such a way as to take you to the doorsteps of general relativity and quantum field theory I am eagerly awaiting Prof.

Individual chapters and problem sheets are available below. Normal Special relativity: The speed of light is the same in all frames! So the transit times do not depend at all on the orientation of the interferometer with respect to any moving reference frame. In his Special Theory of Relativity he replaced them by the new concept of spacetime.

A team of researchers put these theories to the test.

David Tong: Lectures on Classical Dynamics. The most striking property of Newton's laws of mechanics is that the laws are the same in any coordinate system moving at a constant velocity. Contraction of length 7 G. Furthermore, motion could only be measured physically with respect to a material body, so we have to ignore all other motion. Gravitation and Electromagnetism as a Field Theory. Special relativity SR is a theory to describe the laws of motion for non-accelerating bodies traveling at a significant fraction of the speed of light.

Classical mechanics is an important 4.

The topics covered will include classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, the general and special theories of relativity, electromagnetism, cosmology, and black holes. It talks about what happens when you have relative motion of objects in classical Newtonian mechanics. The interference fringes will not change as the experiment is rotated. Topics include an introduction to Lagrangian mechanics, Noether's theorem, special relativity, collisions and scattering, etc.

Put your name and student number on your homework. If there is a basis for including General Relativity in Classical Mechanics, this article will be better if that basis is referenced. Einstein realised that Newtonian mechanics was the problem. Overview: What is classical mechanics []. Greiner; Introduction to the theory of relativity and the principles of modern physics - H. Topics range from classical mechanics to cosmology and beyond.

As o the day, special relativity is the maist accurate model o motion at ony speed. In the There is a book on physics in general, one on quantum mechanics, and a book on classical mechanics. It also looks at the classical mechanics of oscillations and of rotating bodies. Contains new chapter on computational dynamics. Central forces. Runs every spring semester, first half LP1. In , there will be a world-wide celebration of the centennial of Einstein's famous papers on Relativity, Brownian Motion, the Photoelectric Effect for which he won the About the Book.

Professor Susskind reviews the action principle and the Lagrangian formulation of classical mechanics, and describes how they apply to fields. Relativity is just a way for two people to agree on what they see from different perspectives. One of the most obvious examples of relativity is our Classical theory has at least two distinct meanings in physics.